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Stickman Ninja Dash

Play NowStickman Ninja Dash

    Hey folks! We are presenting you with the best ninja game: Stickman Ninja Dash! Are you ready to kill some evil stickmen and save your territory? You need to determine your strategy and move carefully. The evil stickmen are here to hunt you but we believe you will hunt them first. Don’t let them pass the line, otherwise, the game will be over. Cut them off, save some coins and upgrade your character even more. What are you waiting for? Let’s start the game right now!

    Crawling into the Game and Fight with the Enemies

    We know you are excited to play the game, but at first, read the following. Then, you will be ready to cut some enemies and win the game!

    • First things first, click on the “PLAY” button to start the game. You are the ninja that protects your territory. The evil stickmen will come up to you and try to pass to your territory. You have to fight with them and kill them all.
    • You can use your mouse or touchpad to kill the evil stickmen. As you click on the stickmen, you will destroy them with your knife. However, you need to be careful about where you click on because sometimes you can miss the move. If the stickmen pass you, you can click in front of them to cut their road and kill.
    • You can see the score bar on the left top corner and the coin bar on the right top corner. As you kill the stickmen both of the bars will be increased. After the coins are collected enough, you can change and upgrade your character from the ninja icon on the home page.
    • The upgraded characters are providing you faster speed, extra life and earning more coins, faster speed and extra two lives and last and most upgraded one provides three lives. You can see how many lives are left from under the score bar on the left top corner.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Here are the faqs and their answers for you, in case you have still questions. Let’s take a look!

    Can I play the game in silent mode?

    Yes, you can. You can turn off the music and the sound of the game from the icons on the right top corner.

    How many stickmen need to pass the line for me to fail the game?

    It is directly proportional to the number of your lives. If you have one life one stickman needs to pass but if you have three lives, then three stickmen.

    Will my score and coins will be erased if I failed?

    Your score will be zero for each time you start over the game, but your coins will be kept.