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ONO Card Game

Play NowONO Card Game

    This is just a fun card game, nothing more. Generally, card games are boring for most people. But this game offers you total entertainment with its nature.

    All the colors are beautiful and important in this game. You should be following the flow of cards. Which card do you have? Which strategy should be applied to achieve success? How can annoy your opponent near you? This game creates an amazing brainstorm towards the mentioned questions. In this game, you can play to win, to annoy your opponents, to have an enormous amount of fun. All of these things are possible.

    How do you play the game?

    The first player puts a card according to its wish. The next player should be putting a card that the following qualifications, a card with a random number and the same color as the first player’s card or an equal number with the first player. For example, the first player’s card is red seven. You can play any number in red or number seven in any color.

    Basics of ONO Card Game

    • It is a classic card game. There are 108 cards in four different colors. In every color, there are numbers from 0 to 9. You aim to end all the cards you have.
    • Also, there are four kinds of tricky cards. You can annoy your opponents with them and win the game. The cards are the following.
    • +2 Cards: When you put this card on, the next player takes 2 cards from the deck and can’t play this round.
    • Change the Direction: This card changes the direction of the game.
    • Pass: This card blocks the next player in the round.
    • Change the color: This card changes the color of the next round in accordance with the player’s wish.
    • Change the color and +4 cards: This card changes the color of the round and gives 4 additional cards to the next player. The next player will be blocked.
    • If you have the last 2 cards and your next move will be decreasing it to one, you should click the button “uno” or else you take 3 cards from the deck.

    The Walkthrough of ONO: Card Game

    We open the game. The game wants you to determine your avatar. We choose batman.

    • There is a text area near our avatar. We determine our nick as “Bruce Wayne”. Below the avatars, there is a continue button. We click it.
    • There are two buttons on the screen. The online mode is unavailable. We click the button upside.
    • The cards are distributed. The first card is green 4. We have green 8. We play this card.
    • The next player uses a green change card. We play again. We play the blue change card. The round is blue now. Huh!
    • The round turns and we play yellow six.
    • In the next round, our neighbor blocks us with a block card. How dare he!
    • After that, the player after us plays a change card. It’s time to block the player who blocks us and punish him with 4 additional cards.
    • We have our last two cards. We say uno and play the color change card to red. We have a red one.
    • Aaaaaaand we win! This is how you play the game.