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Pixel Warrior

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When you wake up by the roars of weird people, you have only a machete, what would you do? Thank god, there is no such necessity.

Anyway, everyone loves zombie games. Gather around your friends and play it. Wait… You don’t have friends? Bruh!

Pixel Warrior is a legendary and bloody game for the lonely cowboys. It takes place in a pixel universe with lots of zombies and deadly weapons. You can grab a cool magnum and kill the zombies at one shot or take a machete and trim down them like grass. But bro, it is a little psychoid move. Guns are better for gentlemen.

Basics of Pixel Warrior

How do you play the game and what are the main controls of it? Can we give you a little pro tip? Let’s see what we have.

  • Pixel Warrior is a zombie hunting game based on basic pixel graphics. It looks like a Minecraft mode for zombie hunt.
  • The game is an FPS shooter game. You control your character by "W, A, S, D".
  • To shoot, you use to click the left click.
  • To jump, click on the space button.
  • To run faster press shift.
  • There are five main characters. They are police, farmer, salaryman, girl, and medic. Each of them spawns with several required items. For example, the police spawn with gun and ammunition back, the farmer spawns with the farming tool, the salaryman spawns with secret survival back. The girl spawns with everything necessary, and the medic spawns with medicine and survival kits.
  • The goal is to protect your camp from the zombies.

Pixel Warrior Walkthrough

Grab your machete, we will be cutting down zombies

So, we will make a walkthrough of this legendary war against the zombies. You should grab a machete.

  • We start the game. There is a barrel with flames in it and a high-rank soldier nods his head. Something is disturbing, maybe the obligation to survive. We don’t know. There are two red buttons on the screen two upsides are to start. We click it.
  • The other menu has three red buttons. To play, we click the upside again. There is a character list, but we have no characters. To create a character, we click the green button below the list. We select the medic, it seems cooler. We give the name Leviathan.
  • After we create our character, it seems in the list. There is a little play text under the name. We click it to get into the game. After that, we see our character’s name. We click to enter world button.
  • We spawn near a military base. We should protect there from the zombies. There are several guns on the ground, but we have a magnum it seems nice and enough. Remember, a real soldier can be identified by its aim.
  • We kill 4 zombies in a row. But there are more where they come from.
  • The game goes on. Never back down till the last drop of your blood falls.