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Zombie Sniper Game

Play NowZombie Sniper Game

Zombie Sniper is a challenging game where you fight against zombies as a sniper. If you like sniper games and you are a fan, this game will be for you. You will have to shoot fast against the zombies moving towards you. Make the best shots with your gun to prevent the zombies from attacking you. Do not forget that you can buy new equipment for yourself with the points you will get by killing zombies. Why are you still waiting to start this game where fun and challenging times await you? Come and start the game immediately by reading the detailed information in our article. A war that you will not regret will be waiting for you.

Detailed Information About Zombie Sniper Game

Before starting the game, reading the instructions about the game will put you ahead of the zombies. If you are wondering how the game is played and what you should pay attention to, you can start to review the instructions. Below is the guide we have prepared for you.

  • You must use a mouse and keyboard to provide your movements and shots in the game.

    The keyboard is required to enable the movement of your character in the game. You must use the W, A, S, D keys for your movements. In this way, your character will be able to escape from the zombies. In addition, while shooting with the sniper, you can zoom with the right click of the mouse and you can use the left click of the mouse for your shots.

  • You have to avoid getting caught by zombies in the game.

    Zombies will try to reach you in the game. If they are close to reaching you, you should try to escape in different directions by moving. That way, you can get away from them and kill them.

  • You have to shoot zombies in the game and try to earn points.

    You must try to shoot the zombies that appear in the game. Remember that the more zombies you kill, the more points you will earn.

  • Buy new equipment by earning points.

    You will earn points for every zombie you kill in the game. Especially how you shoot is very important. Do not forget that you can earn more points thanks to Headshot. In this way, you can buy new equipment with the points you get and defeat the zombies easily.


If you have started the game and are having difficulties, you may have questions about the game. That's why you can review the frequently asked questions we have prepared for you. Thus, you will be ab

What Happens If Zombies Reach You In The Game?

If zombies reach you in the game, they will attack you. So you will have to start the section again.

What Should You Do for New Equipment in the Game?

To gain new equipment in the game, you must defeat most zombies. This way you get the most points from each zombie.