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Pacman Xon

Play NowPacman Xon

Have you ever heard about the legendary DOS game Volfied? Do you love the characters from Pacman? Hang on there! We have great news for you.

There is an amazing game called Pac XON. This game is a combination of Pacman and Volfied. Sounds great, right? Here is the deal. You will be playing this game for hours and be entertained till noon. Ok?

Basics of Pac XON:

Pac XON has ancient game mechanics. So, even the pro gamers might in need of guidance to this game. Here it is.

  • Pac XON is a puzzle game based on the legendary DOS game Volfied. So, it is not a Pacman game.
  • In this game, your aim is to cover ? of the map or more of it without dying.
  • The character is Pacman and obviously, opponents are the ghosts from the Pacman.
  • To start to draw lines on the map use the space button. You can move your character by "W, A, S, D". Remember the Hallowers shouldn’t touch your line.
  • If you eat sour cherry, you move faster.
  • If you eat a peach, ghosts move slower.
  • If you eat a strawberry, ghosts will be stopping for a while. This is a great chance to end the level, by the way.
  • If a ghost touches your line, you will see a red dot. If the red dot achieves your back, you will be dead.
  • At each level, you have 3 lives.

PAC XON Walkthrough, So long, partner. A walkthrough

We explained to you the whole game and how do you play it. We guess it isn’t enough. Let’s play together this new generation legendary game.

  • We are opening the game. Our little old friend and the followers of it are welcoming us on the first screen. They are going forward and coming back together. The view is like a bit snake, it is a classic game, too.
  • There are three buttons on the screen. The first one is to start the game. We are clicking on it to play the game. There is a level selection screen. We should select a level. The only choice for us is the first level. We are clicking on the first level’s button.
  • When we are clicking on the screen, the game starts.
  • There are two ghosts on the screen. We should capture 80% of the game zone. First, we are drawing a straight line with 20% of the map. How? The ghosts were far from the side we stay in. So, this is our chance, and we are attacking.
  • After a while, we see a strawberry in the game. We are eating it and all the ghosts are frozen. We are fighting like brave and making our ending move. That’s it, fellas. That’s how do you play this game. You see, the whole round was ended in 3 moves, yeah!