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Cars Simulator

Play NowCars Simulator

Imagine, you own a 1969 Red Impala, and you are opening Take Me Home, Country Roads while you driving into the night.

It’s rainy. Maybe this is a late goodbye for a beloved person. Unfortunately, only a few people will be able to own one’s dream car.

Anyway, maybe you can find your own dream cars in our spectacular Car Simulator Game. There is a classic American muscle car, a police car you can only see in the Need for Speed series, and a rally car. Each one of them is someone’s childhood dream car.

How to Play Car Simulator Game

The game is a car simulator with stunt elements. There is no rush. You can drive your car however you want.

There is a nitro to boost your speed. You can use it to use the stunt ramps tastefully. Unlike the other simulation games, the nitro is limitless.

  • You can choose whatever car you want in the game. You don’t have to restart the game to choose another car. You just press 1 for a rally car, 2 for a sports police car, and 3 for the old American muscle car.
  • When you press “C” you change the angle of the camera. You see the car from another view.
  • You press “R” to reset the scene. After a long play session, the cars could be anywhere probably you wouldn’t want to be there.
  • You control your car by the arrows on your keyboard or the classical gamer formation, that is, “w”, “a”, “s” “d”.
  • Also, there is a brake to make great turnovers in the game.
  • There are stunt ramps in several places. So, you can play like you are playing with your Hot Wheels toy cars.

Put on your seat belt. We are driving our dream car.

We open the game by pressing the play button in white and blue. After that button, we see another play button but this time it’s green. We click that button, too. As being an advanced level Unity game, it takes a while to open the game. We see a golden play button and we click on it, too.

The game presents us with three maps. One of them is an autobahn with stunt ramps. Another map is a stunt map with grass. To a more natural game experience, we can choose this. The last map is an autobahn, too. But this map takes place near a dock. We choose that map.

All three cars are side by side. The game gives us the rally car as a starter. By pressing three we choose the old American car.

The engine starts and we go all the way through a map. When you take sudden turns, you hear a tire screeching and the trails of the tires. It is impressive for a browser game.

We speed up and open our nitro. We jump out from a higher ramp. It’s you can feel a sense of freedom.

We guess it’s enough to drive. You know, the things on carbon emission.

Our childhood dream car was an American muscle car, the game had it. You can play this game to drive whenever you want.