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Truck Driver Cargo Game

Play NowTruck Driver Cargo Game

    How to Play Truck Driver Cargo Game

    We have prepared some ways for you to play the game successfully. By following these paths, you will be able to have more information about the game.

    • You need the keyboard to make the truck move in the game.

      You can drive the truck using the arrow keys of the keyboard in the game. You must use the keys of the keyboard very well as you will pass through dangerous tracks.

    • You have to choose your truck before the game starts.

      To start the game you need to choose a truck. First, you will choose the model you want and you should play this game that offers the opportunity to choose a color from the color options suitable for the model. Starting the game with the truck you want will make you happier.

    • You have to overcome the obstacles in the game.

      The track is an exciting track full of challenges. You have to show yourself and overcome all obstacles one by one.

    • You have to try not to overturn the truck.

      If you drop the logs in the back of the truck, the game will be over. Every mistake you make will restart the game. That's why you need to adjust your speed and dominance on the track correctly.

    • You have to race against time.

      A counter will appear on the screen in the game and you will complete the game according to this time. You have to act fast or your time won't catch up. You have to act quickly but carefully, minor mistakes will restart the game.


    Frequently asked questions about the game is extremely useful for the game. You will be aware of all the situations that may arise in the game. You can start the game by examining these questions.

    What Happens When A Log Falls From The Back Of The Truck?

    Even if a small piece of the load of the truck falls, the game will restart. That's why you'll have to be careful around the corners.

    How Do We Move On To The Next Chapter?

    To move on to the next level, it is to complete the track in the given time and without any damage to the truck. In this way, you will be able to move on to the next section.