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Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D

Play NowPolice Car Stunt Simulation 3D

    Fasten your seatbelt! We are driving into marvelous adventures! Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D offers you an incredible adventure of the city with extremely realistic graphics. You will be able to jump into obstacles and tracks as much as you want. No one going to stop you or asked hilarious questions. Do you want to know why? You are in charge of this game! You are the boss of the city! We of course do not suggest you do vandalism, but you can do it in this realistic fake city! Break every glass of the city and be a part of the madness! We offer a realistic police simulator experience. Besides that, you will be able to destroy anything that confronts you! You can cruise around the city but not with a good intention, that is the fun part! Crash 3D buildings, destroy platforms and everything because you can do it on here!

    More About the Game: How to Play?

    • You can play the game by a computer.
    • Unfortunately, the game is not supported on mobiles and tablets. But do not be sorry! You can always play it on a computer. It is really easy to play. You should use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D letters on the keyboard to roam. The "C" on the keyboard offers different angles of the police car while you driving. Also, you can use the "L" in the keyboard to turn on and turn off the headlights. You will be able to see a police siren at the right of the page. It allows you to play a siren sound.

    • Different police cars
    • You have a given police car at first. If you want to have other cars that are seen at the top, you should complete duties. Each police car requires a different quest. For example, the second car in the queue demands to drive 10 km to have it. Or, you can buy them by ads.

    • Crashing, hitting, and so on!
    • The police car does not get hurt by hitting somewhere. The one thing you should avoid is to get rolling to the sea! Otherwise, you start again.

    • The fuel issue
    • You have to be fast because you run out of gas. Actually, that does not sound like an issue, right?

    • No levels, no rules
    • Like we said before, you are the boss of the city! The game does not contain any levels or rules at all. All you need to do is play! It does not matter whether you drive like a gentleman or crush anything you see. It is all up to you. It is your decision and your game!

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Game

    We know that you cannot wait to play the game! But first, let us straight some questions that may you wonder.

    Is the game free?

    Hell yeah! You can always play the game for free.

    Is the game being saved?

    Your buyings will not lose. Besides that, the game does not need to be saved. Remember? There is no level.

    Can I stop the game?

    The game will automatically stop when you switch around the pages.