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Dragon Fighter Online Game

Play NowDragon Fighter Online Game

    Fun Battle of Dragonball Characters: Hello warriors, today we are bringing you together with dragon fighter warriors. We are very excited to introduce this super fun game to you. In this game, you will fight with Dragonball characters on many planets.

    You will come across many alternative sections. Thus, the excitement in the game will always continue. We would like to explain the game to you in detail. Thus, you can easily start the game. We invite you to a fun war.

    Dragon Warrior game has many options in itself. Therefore, you can play the game comfortably by reading the instructions we will give you. Let's examine it.

    Detailed Important Information About Dragon Fighter

    • You need a keyboard and mouse to play the game
    • While playing the game, you have to use the'' w, a, s, d '' keys to move your Dragonball character. In this way, you avoid enemies that will harm your character's health. Also, with the help of the mouse, you can make your character attack your enemies during the war. You make your character fight the enemies by pressing the 4 battle techniques in the lower right corner with the mouse. You complete the level by defeating your enemies.

    • You can unlock new characters or improve your characters in the game
    • You will encounter many Dragonball characters in the game. You can unlock these characters with the money you earn from the games. It is also possible to improve your character with the help of money. The combat strength and health of your characters will depend on your development. It is also possible to make improvements for war forces.

    • You have to try to open new planets in the game
    • There will be a total of 12 planet options in the game. Each planet is divided into sections. It is possible to move on to other planets by completing the levels on the planet you play.

    • You must use your power options in the game
    • While playing the game, your character's health and strength will be at the top. This health and strength can decrease as you fight your enemies. You can select the blue and red buttons below to restore them. Thus, your health and strength will be renewed.

    • You should try to earn the most money in the game
    • While playing the game, you defeat the enemies you face in times of war and pass the chapters. If you complete the levels successfully and without errors, you will earn money from each section.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Dragon Fighter

    We got to know this fun war game closely. Now is the time to examine the frequently asked questions.

    Can I Stop the Game?

    It is not possible to stop the game. That's why you have to continue your war. If you wish, you can start again after losing the episode.

    How Do I Get 5 Stars in Episodes While Playing the Game?

    To get 5 stars while playing the game, you must complete the game very successfully and without any damage.

    Is the Game Playing Online?

    You must have an internet connection to play the game.