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Burger Chef

Play NowBurger Chef

Probably the most entertaining job in the world should be a chef. You can earn your life by doing the most delicious activity. Each delicious meal means a delighted customer, each delighted customer means more money.

You can do this activity in an online game. Burger Chef is the game that you can manage and prepare the most delicious burgers in the city. People will be telling stories based on your delicious burgers. Remember, the show must go on!

Basics of Burger Chef:

We described the logic behind the game. Let’s explain the basics of Burger Chef. Unfortunately, there are no common grounds for the controls of the cooking games.

  • Burger Chef is a restaurant management game. You will be able to manage a restaurant and make money by doing this.
  • To prepare an order look carefully at the order of the customer. You start with the bum of the burger. By the way, not only the ingredients but also the order of the burger is important. If the customer wants cheese first and meat later you should place it in that way.
  • At each level, you have a goal points. To get more points prepare the orders quickly.
  • When the time bar at the top ends the level ends, too.
  • After all the orders you should take the money that the customers leave on the desk.
  • If you give the orders late you have the possibility to lose the customers.

Burger Chef Walkthrough

Let’s cook the most delicious burgers and be a great burger chef. A walkthrough:

We tell you how to play the game above. But an experience is always better than the written descriptions, right?

  • When we open the game we see a burger with glowing lights. Burger seems like a holy object. It seems like someone understands the true value of a burger. On the left bottom corner, there is a settings button. We can open or close the sound and the music of the game. On the bottom right corner, we can look for the other games of the developer.
  • We click on the giant green play button with a white triangle in it to start the game.
  • This is level one we should achieve 20 points to pass the level.
  • Our first customer wants to buy a simple burger without any sauces or ketchup. This is easy peasy lemon squeezy. We give what the customer wants and take the money she gives.
  • The second customer is a bit weird. She just wants melted cheese in burger ham. We give her what she wants and take her money. But… It is still weird. Why anyone buys only a melted cheese from a burger shop?
  • Oh, boy! The next customer wants melted cheese with lettuces. We sell these too. But why? Why people don’t buy burger meat? What is wrong with our beef?
  • We pass the level successfully.