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Challenge the Runners

Play NowChallenge the Runners

    Hey there! We present you with a very fun game you cannot get bored of Challenge the Runners! Don’t play the other boring games anymore. You will start with a group of players and try to eliminate them through the levels. Don’t let them eliminate you. Be careful with the obstacles. Also, you may wish to play in two-player mode and have fun with your friends. It is not easy as it seems but we trust in you! You can make it. Let’s join the crew and start the game!

    Crawling Through this Great Game

    If this colorful and fun game seems a little complicated for you; don’t worry at all. We are here to guide you through this fun world. Let’s read all of the following, and start the game right away.

    The game has two modes to play. The first mode is the single-player mode which you can choose by the “1P” button. The other mode is the two-player mode which can be chosen by the “2P” mode.

    In the single-player mode you can use either W, A, S, and D keys or the arrow keys for the move. For jumping press the” SPACE” key. If you choose the two-player mode, you can also choose the skin of the other player. In this mode, you can either control both players or play with your friends. For Player 1 you use W, A, S, D keys to move and the G key to jump. For Player 2 you use the arrow keys for move and L key for jump.

    In the single-player mode you will start with 30 players and 19 of them will be jumping into the other level. For each level, the theme is changed and as the levels are passed the number of players left will be decreased. You have to stand till the end.

    You will encounter different kinds of obstacles at each level. You should escape them, otherwise, they will slow you down and eliminate you. After each level, you will collect gems. Later on, you can change your skin with these gems and upgrade yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers

    You can find the faqs and answers about the game. Let’s take a look at them to understand everything even more.

    Can I play the game with more than two players?

    No, you cannot. You can play a maximum of two players. You can challenge yourself for playing for two or you can play with your friends.

    Is there any time limit in the game?

    No, there isn’t. However, it is better to rush a little to guarantee yourself.

    If I fail in the game will the gems remain the same?

    Yes, they will. The gems you have collected won’t be erased when you fail.