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Cross The Road Game Online

Play NowCross The Road Game Online

    It is a 1 player funny game -especially for the kids. The visual theme of the game can easily attract children’s attention. Moreover, the sound effects make the game funnier. Therefore, kids are having fun while playing this game.

    What is the purpose of the game?

    The purpose of the game is to help the frog to cross the road without a crash or accident. It must cross the road safely.

    What happens in case of an accident or crash?

    The frog has 3 lives. In other words, the game gives you three chances to go on. If you consume all, you can restart the game.

    What should I run away from?

    You need to run away from the arrows and wheels. They are a threat to the frog.

    Where to jump?

    For example, if you need to cross the water you have to jump on the algae or the wood. While jumping you have to escape from the dangerous things coming toward you. It is necessary to find the safest way before jumping.

    What should I collect?

    You should collect gold coins. They are everywhere!

    How to move the frog?

    In order to move the frog you can use the keyboard arrows or click the mouse , it is up to you.

    Can it be played with 2 players?

    No, it cannot. It is a ‘1 player game’.

    Is it possible to turn off the sound effects?

    Of course, you can turn off the sound effects of the game if it bothers you.

    Can I choose another character instead of ‘Froggy’?

    If you collect enough gold coins, of course, you can choose another character. There are several characters such as Piggy, Doggy, Turtle, Koala, and so on. But keep in mind that, prices are not the same. Some are cheaper while some are more expensive. You must have enough money to buy the animal you want.

    Do I have to pay for the game?

    No, you do not. The game is totally free.

    What makes this game interesting for the kids?

    The game has a very colorful visual theme which attracts attention. Also, the sound effects increase the excitement, such as the breaking sound or jumping sound. Having 3 rights allows you to stay in the game. Moreover, the main character of the game is changeable which allows kids to choose their own favorite animal. Most importantly, this game is far from boring because this game is neither too easy nor too hard, right in the middle of both. Thus, anyone playing the game will want to play the game over and over again. The player can see his/her score every time the game is over. He/She can try to do better next time by comparing the previous score.

    So, if the game interests you, what are you waiting for?