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Super Buddy Run

Play NowSuper Buddy Run

What is life? Or what is love? (baby don’t hurt me anymore LOL!) Both the questions’ answer is an endless circle, loop. How about playing a game with that logic?

Super Buddy Run is an endless runner game with level mechanics. Your character runs and runs to end the level to see what is about the game. In this mobile-compatible game, you will be getting an enormous amount of entertainment. Have fun!

Basics of Super Buddy Run:
  • Super Buddy Run is a 2D platform endless runner game. Your goal is to run to the end of the level by avoiding obstacles.
  • To jump the character, click on the screen. If you double click the screen you can double jump.
  • To unlock new skins, you should collect the stars on the map. To unlock, you should open the shop section.
  • To survive when you are running, you should avoid all the obstacles.
  • The red boxes (not gift boxes) make you jump a longer distance. Try to use them to get advantages over the enemies. By the way, be aware, they can work as a trap.
  • If you touch the enemies on the map you will be failing the level. You should be aware of them.

A Walkthrough on Super Buddy Run:

We mentioned the basics of Super Buddy Run above. You will be able to learn better when you follow up the walkthrough.

  • We open the game. To keep going we click on the big blue button with a white triangle in it.
  • The game gives us some instructions. We pass them.
  • To continue we click on the big white button again.
  • We choose a buddy we have just an alternative. We choose it.
  • The level is called “the forest”. We click on the screen to get started.
  • Our character starts to run. The level we play is pretty easy.
  • First, we run on through higher ground. After that, we jump to pass over the gap.
  • After that, we double jump because there is a crab there.
  • We use the red boxes to jump well.
  • The level ends. You can continue. The next level is called “Volcano.” Seems interesting.


Is this game compatible with the mobile?

Yes, this 2d endless runner game Super Buddy Run is compatible with mobile devices. There are no special keys to play.

Which object is the most harmless one?

If you step on the gift boxes, they don’t kill you. In this free online browser game, they are harmless.

What is an endless runner game?

An endless runner game is fun online games like this. Your character runs towards eternity. This is an endless runner game.