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Motor Rush

Play NowMotor Rush

Hello fellas! We are here to present you with the greatest racing game: Motor Rush! Don’t you get bored of regular racing games? You are in a motorcycle race but you need to kill your opponents at the same time. How cool is that? Collect the weapons and kill them all. Jump on the ramps and fly over them. Just be careful about the obstacles. Whenever you are ready; let the game begin!

Diving into the Game: Start the Race

If you cannot wait to start the game, you may need a little help first. Just review the following and start to play immediately!

  • Before you start the game you will see a table of your daily rewards. Then you will lead to the home page. When you click on the “AWARD” icon on the right you will see your daily reward for each day. When you click on the “TASKS” icon on the left you will see your daily task with their diamond rewards. When you click on the “PLAY” button, you will start the game.
  • You can play the game with your mouse or touchpad. You are in a motorcycle race but you need to kill your opponents also to win the game and earn the coins. If you don’t move your mouse, you will go straight on the road. If you move the mouse to the left or right you will change lanes.
  • While you are on the road you will see different types of weapons. Try to collect them because you will kill the opponents with them. Also, keep yourself safe from your opponents’ weapons.
  • You will see yellow ramps and special roads while you are moving. Pass through them when you see them because they are here to fast you up and beat the others. Also, if it is not necessary don’t move to leave or right, it will slow you down.
  • Sometimes, you will see a chest. You need to hit the chest right to collect the diamonds inside of it. In every 5 stages, the theme is changed and new weapons and obstacles are added. Don’t hit the obstacles such as taxi cars.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We gathered the faqs and answers just for you in case you have still questions. Let’s review them all!

Can I use a keyboard to move?

No, you cannot. The keyboard is not available for this game. You can only use a mouse or touchpad.

What will happen if I don’t kill any opponents?

It won’t be a problem. You will just earn fewer coins.

Where do I spend my rewards?

You can improve your motorcycle or skills. Also, you may use them to recover yourself if you get hit by an obstacle.