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Pool 8 Ball Mania

Play NowPool 8 Ball Mania

    Missed playing Pool with your friends? You can not go outside because of the pandemic? Pool 8 Ball Mania is here to help! With its both PvE and PvP features beat the smartest of computers or compete with the best pool player you can find. Pool Ball Mania is here to change your perspective on the classic table game. Play it online now to enjoy a good match!

    Features of Pool 8 Ball Mania

    Pool 8 Ball Mania enables you to play pool online wherever you go. This free online game can both be played against a computer or an opponent. Since the online match-making system is a local co-op, so you can enjoy a nice competition with your family. This game consists of a classic pool game mode with 16 balls; seven striped balls, seven solid balls, a white ball, and an eight ball. Like the classic game, Pool 8 Ball Mania is played with two players. However, you can choose to play against the computer to enjoy a solo run.

    Core Rules of Pool 8 Ball Mania

    All the rules of the classic 8 ball pool apply:

    1. In the first shot, the white ball is aimed at the triangle collection of balls.
    2. The first ball you pocket determines the type of balls that you should pocket through the rest of the game.
    3. If you pocket a ball you can keep on playing.
    4. If you miss a shot or pocket the white cue ball your opponent has two shots.
    5. If you pocket the eight ball you lose.
    6. If you pocket all your designated type of balls you win.

    FAQs about Pool 8 Ball Mania

    Here we answer your most frequent questions about our game.

    How Do I Play Pool 8 Ball Mania?

    Pool 8 Ball Mania can be found on game website. After pressing the play button you can choose between playing against a computer or a person.

    When in the game you can hold and drag the cue to adjust the speed of the hit and revolve around the ball you chose to hit to aim.

    Can I play Pool 8 Ball Mania with my friends?

    Yes, you can. By choosing the player versus player option you can play against a friend on the same device.

    Can I restart a session?

    The in-game menu has an option to restart the session. The ongoing match will be over and a fresh session will start.

    Will Pool 8 Ball Mania run on my device?

    Since It is a free-to-play online game Pool 8 Ball Mania can be played on any platform with an internet connection. A good connection is needed to stay on the website, without an interruption to your existing game.

    Sounds are bothering me can I turn them off?

    You absolutely can! On the main menu click on the sound icon to mute all the sounds and enjoy well-focused gameplay.