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Clash of Tanks Game

Play NowClash of Tanks Game

    Guys, do you know the songs of Sabaton? You should be in love with the dust of the war field and the unique sound of tank tracks.

    Clash of Tanks is the game that you feel the wonderful feeling of the war atmosphere. Loss of people? No. The only thing we lose in Clash of Tanks is tanks. You know, they are made to be destroyed, folks. So, Clash of Tanks has all the positive sides of the war. The only thing you will enjoy is the awesome feeling of the war.

    Basics of Clash of Tanks

    Clash of Tanks is a highly strategical game to play. You should know the basics to play.

    • Clash of Tanks is a strategic tank game. The only thing you need to do is produce the optimum number of tanks at the right time.
    • You can drag and deploy the possible tanks from the menu on the bottom of the screen.
    • On the left of the bottom menu, you will see a number that increases frequently. This number is the producing capacity of you.
    • You shouldn’t overproduce tanks. In Clash of Tanks being the defender side is always better, especially for the beginners.
    • Mammoth is the most powerful tank of the game.

    A Walkthrough on Clash of Tanks

    We will try to survive in a jungle of tanks, folks. Will you join us to see what’s goin’ on?

    • We start the game and type our names. After that, we click on the red button that says start battle.
    • Do you hear the war-cry of the tank tracks?
    • We start with a Prism. We destroy two of the enemy tanks at the same time.
    • Prism is destroyed by the entire fleet.
    • There are two APCs at the same time available. We produce them suddenly. Oh boy! They have mammoth. It destroys our tanks without getting a hit. Aw, man! This is not fair.
    • We have no such money; we produce buggies again and again. You know, they are produced to die instantly.
    • The enemy tears down our entire tank fleet. They had Mammoth, folks.


    Which tank is the most powerful in Clash of Tanks?

    While you are playing Clash of Tanks Online, you should know which tank is superior. It is Mammoth, folks. Mammoth is the most powerful and also the most expensive tank. Once you are able to produce it, you should produce that tank.

    Can I play Clash of Tanks with my friends?

    No, you can’t play Clash of Tanks with your friends since Clash of Tanks Unblocked has no multiplayer game mode.

    How can I play Clash of Tanks better?

    In Free Clash of Tanks Online, you should be the defender one. Because each time you wait and do not produce tanks, you can save more capacity for better tanks.