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Panda Simulator

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Panda Simulator

Build your own home to protect yourself against animals. Therefore you must find a way to create a good family. Roam in the forest to find your love, but be careful to take your equipment just in case. You can hunt while roaming inside the jungle. Hunt different animals and collect some fruits, foods from the ground or from trees. your health bar increases accordingly your hunts. If you want to fill your bar you have to hunt giant and delicious animals.

After married with girl panda upgrade your home for cute babies. Customize your home like your wife's pleasure if you want to live happy forever. Always be careful about your wife because if you don't feed him or if you don't show him your love. She can leave you.

You can be neighbors with other pandas by building a new home together and you can share your foods with them. Sometimes you can fight with your enemies. Try to be humble all the time. Trust me it will provide good things to you. Also, you can use the shop for provisions you need. And various types of equipment.

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