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Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D

Play NowWolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D

The coolest adventure is waiting for you! Do you want to experience the wildlife as a wolf? If you do, this is the perfect game for you! It includes hunting, making a family, missions, and more! Just like in wildlife.

We briefly talked about them, but we want to explain more about this game to you. Once you start to play, it is better to know everything, right?

What Is More About The Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D?

  • Controls
  • Use W, S, D, A from your keyboard to move. If you hold the shift, you can run. To jump, use the spacebar from your keyboard. Right-click from your mouse or trackpad provides you to attack your hunt.

  • There are many animals
  • Wildness is full of dangers! Be careful! If you attack an animal that is stronger than you, be sure you have a company and your lifeline is full. Otherwise, you may die! If you successfully hunt an animal, you can eat it right there and fill your lifeline or you can save it for later.

  • Make a family
  • When Would not be super cool if you have a spouse? Find your spouse on the map. It will help you while you are hunting. Together, you can make this teamwork. Your spouse will follow you wherever you go. You can also make a child when you reach level 3. As a family, there are no obstacles you can pass!

  • Missions
  • Follow your missions on the map. You should go to the exclamation mark to accept a mission. If you complete them successfully, you can win prizes like coins and progress at your level.

  • Market
  • If you ask what can I do with those coins, we will tell you right now! There are upgrades that you and your family can benefit from. You can buy these. You also change your style. Buy a new color of fur or more!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D

We listed some of the frequently asked questions about The Wolf Simulator for you. Read them carefully. Every question mark you have will disappear!

Can I Continue Where I Left If I Close The Game Page?

Yes, even if you close the game page, you will be able to continue where you left when you opened it again. In this way, all of your progress will be with you all the time!

What Does Happen If I Fail In a Mission?

You do not have to worry about that. You can always try it again. There will be no loss.

What Does Happen If I Die While Hunting?

You have to start from the beginning. Do not worry! Your progress will be with you too. It does not mean you have to start the game all over again.