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Rodeo Riders

Play NowRodeo Riders

Hey fellas! Do you bored of playing the regular games? Here is a game you will never get bored of. We present you with the Rodeo Riders that will allow you to build a zoo one by one.

You will tame lots of wild animals to add to your zoo. Then, you will welcome your visitors and earn the money. You can invest your money to improve your zoo. If you are ready, let’s run on the game!

If you read the following instructions, the door of the taming animals and starting a zoo will be open to you!

Jumping on to the Rodeo Riders: Learn Your Way

  • Click to “PLAY” and start the game. In the beginning, you should choose the character you want to play with. Then you will start. You are working on a zoo, and the purpose of the game is to tame the wild animals one by one, and then you can move forward in the game.
  • You have to tame the animals at first for attracting customers. You will have a rope in your hand, and as you click on by mouse the rope will be cross over the animal in front of you. Hold the press to adjust the rope, and you should release your finger on time. When you release your finger, you should be sitting on the animal's back. Otherwise, you will be failed.
  • When you are on the back of the animal, you should spend the time with it for taming. You can move the animal by holding the press and moving your finger right and left. You can see a heart icon. When the heart icon is full it means the animal is full and you have completed the level successfully.
  • When you click on the “Map” you will see the area that the zoo is covered. You can see what you have to do by clicking on the “Daily task” on the right side of the page. As you click that you will see your duties, such as “Tame 1 Animal”. As you complete the tasks you will be paid by the coins.
  • When you click on the “Start Business” the visitor will come to the zoo and hang around by paying you. As you press the “Start” your taming duty will be started. Be careful about their difference.

Frequently Asked Question About Rodeo Riders

Here are the faqs and their answers to you. Let’s review them!

Can I customize my character’s appearance?

Yes, you can. If you click on the “Changing clothes” section, you can customize your character.

Can I buy new animals?

Of course, you can! Click on the “Endangered” section and spend your collected coins on endangered animals.

Can I “Start a business” as much as I want?

No, you cannot. You have to wait until the visit is finished.