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Stickman Vector

Play NowStickman Vector

You can make the game fun for you by learning the basics about the game. You should be sure to review the instructions listed in order.

More About The Stickman Vector

  1. You should play the game with the keyboard or touch screen.
  2. You have to use the arrow keys to move your stickman in the game. Thanks to this, your stickman will start to move, jump and crawl. If your preference is for a touchscreen phone or tablet, then you can direct your stickman on your screen.

  3. You have to get your stickman away from deadly traps.
  4. There will be many traps, moving or immobile, in front of your stickman. When you encounter these traps, you have to jump or crawl your stickman and miss. In this way, you will avoid the traps.

  5. You can move on to other sections through the passages you encounter in the game.
  6. While playing the game, you start to move forward with your stickman. As your progress continues, you will encounter passages that will take you to other parts. It will be enough to enter these passages and click the up arrow button. That way, you will be teleported to the other part.

  7. You have to push the chests or jump over them and get to the walls.
  8. Many chests you come across may be mobile. After jumping on these chests, you should switch to the walls as quickly as possible. Do not forget that you can sometimes push the chests to advance in the level. Each method will come out with instructions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Stickman Vector

There may be many questions in your mind before starting the game. That's why we have answered frequently asked questions for you.

Thus, you can find the answer to a question you are curious about below. Let's start examining now.

Can I Stop The Game?

It is possible to stop the game by pressing the above settings button. This way, your stickman will stop moving. You will be able to continue the game whenever you want.

How Do I Go To Other Chapters In The Game?

There are passageways in the game so that you can move on to other levels. You can switch to the sections you want by searching and finding these passages.