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Parkour Climb and Jump

Play NowParkour Climb and Jump

    Are you ready for a perfect parkour experience? Welcome to the parkour simulator!

    Parkour Climb and Jump is a fun game that you can play for free. How high can you climb in this Parkour Climb and Jump free running game? Collect shields to stop your fall. Collect jetpacks to increase your score.

    Parkour is the fun, skill-based practice of crossing obstacles through running, jumping, jumping, climbing, rolling, and other movements in a man-made or natural environment to travel from one point to another in the fastest and most efficient way. It is possible without using the equipment. In this game, you have to do parkour styles while collecting all the crystals and dancing! Have fun playing this fun parkour game!

    More About The Game

    Parkour Climb and Jump is a fun adventure game where we try to reach the desired areas in the cities by climbing and jumping and completing the levels. In the game, we are asked to climb the desired areas in the cities. We try to reach the desired areas by climbing and jumping carefully. By reaching the desired area, we complete the chapters and unlock new chapters. We continue the game by facing more challenging tracks in the sections we unlock. Parkour Climb and Jump has emerged as a fun adventure game designed with children's game lovers in mind.

    How to Play Parkour Climb and Jump?

    The hero of the game Parkour Climb and Jump is full of energy and needs to be put somewhere. To return fully, send the man to the island where the abandoned town is located. People left there a long time ago, but without people the buildings remained, which were gradually destroyed by the salty winds. For a parkourist, this is a real paradise, no one will bother him jumping over roofs, flimsy bridges and other buildings. You can climb or jump anywhere, run, jump, fall into the water and rise again. The controls in the game Parkour Climb and Jump are very responsive and the hero will quickly react to all your manipulations.

    Many talents are at your service in this game. Climb any building and tower and then jump from one building to the next. Roll under or jump over an obstacle. Use your zipline as a bungee to quickly reach remote areas of the city. The whole city was created for your tricks. You can even dance!

    • Space: Wall Climb / Jump / Roll
    • E+: Be on the platform and use Bungee
    • C: Slip
    • F: Don't dance
    • Mouse: Look around
    • WASD: Motion
    • Shift: Run