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Little Dentist

Play NowLittle Dentist

Hey folks, did you take your pliers on? Because you are going to pull some teeth today! As we are we are very excited to present you “Little Dentist”. You will treat the patients with different dental problems one by one but it is not like the regular dentist games. You can even paint and decorate the teeth as crazy as you wish. How cool is that? Let’s cure some teeth and customize them!

Get Ready for the Little Dentist Game: Cure Them All

If you want to start the game right away, just read the following instructions. Then, let the fun begin!

  1. At first, you will see the opening page with different patients. You should choose one of the seven patients. After you choose one, the game is started. As you see the patient on the dentist's chair, click his/her mouth and hear the voice “Say aah!” as if you were saying. When the patient opens his/her mouth you will see several problems with their teeth.
  2. The tools are aligned at the bottom of the page. You can get on the next page by clicking the arrow. You have to use all the tools in the first two pages to treat the teeth completely. As you click on the tools one by one an arrow shows up in the mouth and indicates the tooth or teeth you should interfere with.
  3. You can see two tools remaining on the patient's left and right. You can use the left tool to fresh up the mouth and the tool on the right when the inside of the mouth is getting watery. Try to choose the right tooth after you pulled the decayed one. You can customize the color of the toothpaste and the braces if you wish. Don’t forget to move the lens to wipe off the microbes and treat the problems.
  4. On the last page, you can see the tools for decorating the teeth. You can paint the whole teeth or tooth by tooth in any color you want. Click on the bottom of the bottle to choose the color. Also, you can put some stickers on the teeth. When you are finished you can click the arrow on the top right.

Frequently Asked Questions About Little Dentist

Here are the faqs about the Little Dentist to clear all the things for you. Let’s look at them.

After the game is finished can I start over?

Of course! After it is finished, you can choose another patient and start to play it again immediately.

I cannot remove the decay with 6 stages; what should I do?

You should drag your mouse from 6 to 1 without raising your hand from the mouse.

Can I play the Little Dentist with my friends?

You only can play Little Dentist as a single player.