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My Romantic Town

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Create your own world in my romantic town like your pleasure, place materials inside and color them.

If you can prepare your city regularly peoples want to live in your world.

Create your own city and paint it in any color. Discover your imagination! Playing this fun game you will both enjoy and improve your imagination.

First of all start with creating your city's template for a regular city because peoples always like to live in harmony and regularity. After creating your template next step is starting your structures. But first, you have to find employers for making these structures, you can hire them with money or you can choose worker from your public.

After some peoples start to living in your city build something according to your public needs. If you listen to your public they will be happy else they get mad and starting to leave your city. We don't want to happen something like this right.

You can visit your friend's city and if you like it you can leave thumbs up or if your stocks are getting low you can want material from your friend.

Attend some competitions like design or color. Win competitions and get some rewards or money. With the money, you can buy decoration materials or utility properties for your city in this way your public satisfying bar increases.

Have fun!