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Farm Valley Online Game

Play NowFarm Valley Online Game

Hey there! Are you ready to play an amazing game where you build your farm? We are offering you The Farm Valley Game is on the stage and it is all free!

There is a bunch of levels with duties and as you pass the levels your farm will be completed. The levels will be harder in each level but we always trust in you; you will handle this. Let’s collect some eggs, milk some cows and gain all the coins. Whenever you are ready, let’s get this done!

If you want to start the game immediately but need a guide; here we provide you with the following. Just follow us through!

Let’s Dive into Farm Valley: Be the King of the Farmers

  • Tap the button with the arrow icon and start the game. You will see a road full of numbers which are indicating the levels. On the left top corner of the page, you will see an energy indicator out of ten, and on the right corner of the top, you can see the coins you have collected.
  • For each level you will be given a duty. The start of the game costs one energy for each level. Your duty will be shown as you click on the numbers with a table named “Level Objectives”. The table indicates your duty, the maximum time you have, and also the gold time of the level.
  • Your duties will be harder as you move on the levels and you should comprehend what to do. For instance, if your duty is collecting eggs; you should prepare a suitable environment for the chickens. As you click on the ground the grass will be grown which is necessary for the chicken to spawn. While the grass is growing the source of water in the well will be decreased. You should click on it to fill by spending your coins.
  • Each level you will be given coins that you should spend on the things required for the duty. Sometimes you will spend on filling the well; sometimes for buying animals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Farm Valley

Here are the faqs and answers about Farm Valley to erase all the question marks from your mind. Let’s take a glance at it!

Can I increase my energy I run out of?

Yes, you can! When you click on the plus icon on the right of the energy indicator you can buy energy with your coins.

Can I increase my coins when I run out?

Yes, you can! When you click on the plus icon on the right of the coin indicator you can buy coins by watching short ads.

What happened if I don’t grow the grass?

The animals will be disappeared and the level will be failed.