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Farming Simulator Game

Play NowFarming Simulator Game

    Farming Simulator is a great game that allows you to build the farm of your dreams. In this game, imagine and start building your loquat. You have the key to creating the most beautiful farm. This farm game will allow you to have a lot of fun. It will give you a lot of pleasure to see the seeds you plant in the ground grow. If you want to learn more detailed information about the game, keep reading.

    How to Play Farming Simulator Game?

    Are you ready to create your new farm? An amazing farm game is waiting for you. We have prepared for you the detailed information you will need to set up your huge farm. You can start the game by following the instructions.

    • You will need the mouse to start the game.

      In this game it's up to you to manage your farm, so you'll need to use a mouse. You can start the game using the left mouse button. You can choose the tractor at the beginning of the game, you must have enough money for this.

    • In the game, you will have to drive the tractor using the keyboard.

      You can move the tractor using the arrow keys of the keyboard. In this way, you can plow your field as you wish and get rid of long grass. And you will be able to plant and grow the seeds of the crops you want.

    • You will need to plow your field for your fruit and flowers.

      Before you can plant your crops in your field, you must drive with a tractor. Then you should plant the seeds in the plowed field and water them with a container. In this way, the necessary conditions for the growth of the products will be provided.


    We have prepared a frequently asked questions section to better understand the game. Thanks to these questions, you will be able to find the answers to your questions.

    Is It Possible To Change The Tractor In The Game?

    In the game, you will be able to choose your tractor as you want, for this, you need enough money. It will become more enjoyable to plow your field by choosing different colors and models.

    How Can I Plow The Field In The Game?

    To plow the field, you have to get the tractor ready for use. For this, you have to tie the tractor at a right angle to the header. You will need to be careful about this.

    How Is The Tractor Attached To The Header In The Game?

    You must drive the tractor using the arrow keys of the keyboard and approach the title correctly. When it is at the right angle, the tractor will be connected to the header.