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Super Onion Boy

Play NowSuper Onion Boy

If you know Mario Brothers, which was the most popular game of the 1990s, you will be very familiar with the concept. In fact, we can tell you that they are almost similar. The only difference is you are going to control an onion boy and the graphics are pixel-style. Your goal is to save the princess which is taken captive by a red and evil bird. The game consists of stages and a new adventure is waiting for you in each stage.

Play Super Onion Boy Game

You can play Super Onion Boy and have quite a lot of fun! There will be evil monsters that you need to beat while progressing on the stages. It will be enough for you to jump on them. In this way, you can eliminate them easily. However, certain creatures require special techniques to be eliminated. But don’t worry because you can easily figure it out while playing the game. Moreover, there are some green tubes which you can go in. When you do so, you will be taken to a special stage in which you can collect coins.

How to Play Super Onion Boy?

You will not have to worry about the complex controls when you play Super Onion Boy. You provide directions to your character with the help of the arrow keys and you can jump with the X key. There are 5 stars on each stage and you need to collect them before completing that stage to earn extra score. In addition to this, you will find hearts in certain locations on the map. Collecting these will help you to have extra life and you will not lose the game when you get caught by any of the creatures. Instead, you will lose one of your hearts so that you can continue playing.

Super Onion Boy Walkthrough, Watch walkthrough the Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy has a mission. He have to save the beautiful princess to from a spooky magical monster.

She is trapping by spooky magical monster. You must help her. You can encounter to the spooky magical monsters on through way.

You can collect moneys and stars ,and can win extra life.

  • Fun and addictive platform game with 8-pixel and 16-bit 2D graphics (classic retro style).
  • Music and sound effects in the retro style of 8 bits.
  • System of better score and better time in Leaderboard.