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Survival 456 but It IMPOSTOR

Play NowSurvival 456 but It IMPOSTOR

    Tired of ordinary imposter games? Do you want to deal with riddles while surviving and do all these at the challenge level? Then Survival 456 But Its Impostor might be that great and fun game you've been looking for! It has a simple design while allowing you to control your character easily!

    Enjoy the game with various modes; each is different and unique! Experience different game styles in one game thanks to game modes where you will save your teammates with riddles, stay alive by paying attention to the green and red light, or in a mode where everyone attacks each other!

    As difficult as it may seem, it's all easy-peasy, especially with the little tips we have prepared for you!

    Get ready for the challenge! You are expected to best the Survival 456 But It's Impostor!

    • The game starts by asking you to choose the number that will define you. You can also customize the language in which you will play the game!

    • The game includes nine different game modes, which are Red, green light, Glass Bridge, Battle mode, Rope rescue, Zombies mode, Tug of War, Dalgona candy, Race to Escape, and Marbles.

    • Among nine games, Red, green light, and Rope rescue are unlocked for free. You need to earn diamonds by playing these two games to unlock the others. The number of diamonds required to open a game is 5 or 10 pieces. But don't worry! Acquiring diamonds is pretty easy.

    • Besides diamonds, another option you can spend to customize your character and House in the game is gold. You can easily earn gold by playing the game just like diamonds.

    • More than 20 skins are available to customize your character. Just press "Skin" on the main page and switch between options!

    • To customize your house, click on the "House" section. Afterward, you can customize your house by spending diamonds or gold by clicking on the hammers with + on them.

    • The game also has a spin feature where you have the right to spin every 24 hours. You can win gold, diamonds, or skins for free, thanks to the spin!


    How to play Red, green light?

    Touch with your mouse for the player to move. Then, run while the doll counting begins. Stand still when the doll turns red; keep running when it becomes green. Be one of the five runners to finish.

    How to play Rope rescue?

    Find a way to the rope from one end to the other side to save your crew without getting killed! Remember that you can collect gold with your crew while finding a way out!

    Is there any way to earn diamonds and gold for free?

    Yes, there is! You can earn diamonds and gold for free by watching ads while playing the game!