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Those who love the strategy and tower defense games may want to play Defend Home Game in their free time.

This is one of the amazing and addictive games that gather very different and highly addictive genres together. Just like a typical tower defense game, you have to prevent your enemies to reach your base.

However, the game also has a clicker concept in which the price of the towers you are going to build increases each time you make a purchase. In addition to this, there are boss stages that provide chests for you. These chests drop different types of cards that allow you to improve your current buildings.

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We bet you are going to be addicted to the game as soon as you play Defend Home. There are two ways to earn money. One of them is killing the creatures that rush to your base and the other one is upgrading your towers. Once you upgrade your tower to a brand-new level, you receive a bonus gold. There are 4 types of towers in the game and each of them has different abilities and attack styles. Moreover, there are two power-ups that you can use while playing the game. These power-ups deal great damage or stun the enemies for you.

How to Play Defend Home?

You will not have to worry about the controls of the game since they are quite easy. All you need to do is tap on the screen to buy towers. You can drag towers to other towers that have the same level to upgrade them. For example, you can get a level 3 tower by combining two units of level two towers. If you are looking for a fun and addictive game, then we highly recommend you play Defend Home as soon as possible.

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