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Klondike Solitaire

Play NowKlondike Solitaire

    It was a glorious revolution for office computers. By the mercy of Uncle Bill, (Gates, obviously, not Clinton) you were able to let some steam off by your lower capable office computer. Thanks to that the stressful waiting process for the meetings was not that stressful anymore.

    KlondikeSolitaire net is bringing you to this era. When you are playing this game you will be in the same feeling as DotCom balloon. Also, there would be a term called the global world that appeared in your mind. This buzz word will be claiming that the world is becoming a little town. A little nostalgia is better for everyone.

    Basics of Klondike Solitaire

    • Klondike Solitaire is one of the card game classics. Your goal is obvious. You should be stacking cards in order as the following. All the cards should be stacked Ace to King by their suit on the foundation piles. Each foundation you created has a unique suit.
    • You can place the cards in accordance with their rank. Also, you should be ordering them the opposite color.
    • You have the ability to move more than one card at the same time. Remember, you should be following the ranks and the code of the color.
    • There are empty columns in the game, but you can only place the kings or the related sequential groups with a king included it.
    • To deal with the cards in a proper way, you should be cycling through the waste towards the reserve. When you are out of movements, the game is over.

    The Walkthrough Klondike Solitaire

    Well, it’s hard to describe a card game when you play. But we will be doing it.

    • When we start the game, we see three buttons there one of them says 1 draw, the other one says three draws. We click the 1 draw button.
    • As we click the button, the game act as a croupier and distributes the cards. It is not a well-dressed woman, what a shame! There are four empty columns on the screen. We will be able to place there the kings or the related cards.
    • There are blackjack and a red 10. We place the ten below the blackjack.
    • After we took ten, a column becomes empty, we place the red king there.
    • In the game, there is a button with a magnifying glass. We use that button the take tips. We are so rookie to this game. There is a red six and a black five. We should be placing five under the six. After we take five, there is no proper movement for us. We deal with the deck.
    • We find black six. There is a red seven already. We place it under the seven.

    You can play this classic office game at this age. You know, there is no built-in solitaries in recent operating systems. Probably big bosses think this game decreases efficiency. This is a total lie.