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Street Fighter Stickman Game

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If you enjoy playing fighting games, then you may want to play Street Fighter Stickman Game in your free time.

As you can understand from the name of the game, you are going to control a stickman and fight against characters to win rounds. There are 6 characters in total and you can play with each of them as you progress in the game. You have to level up in order to unlock the characters. The game consists of levels and you have to beat a certain number of enemies on each level in order to complete that level.

Street Fighter Stickman Game

You can find different weapons and health packs by breaking the objects available on the level. While you fight one on one at the beginning, you will have to fight against multiple enemies as you progress when you play Stickman Street Fighting 3D. You have to walk forward to face your new enemies on the levels. Also, it will be worth to note that the weapons you find on the levels have limited use. Most of the weapons will disappear after you shoot or swing them a few times. Therefore, it will be better for you to save them for harder characters to beat them easily.

How to Play Street Fighter Stickman Game?

The controls of the game are quite easy. You provide directions to your character with the help of the arrow keys. In addition to this, you use your fists with the Z key, kick with the X key and block with the C key. Moreover, you can pick the guns and other weapons you find on the levels with the Z key again. You do not have to pick the health packs. If you are low, your character will automatically use them when you walk over them. If you are looking for a fun game, you can play Stickman Street Fighting 3D now.

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