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Foot Doctor Game

Play NowFoot Doctor Game

The burden of the stupid heads belongs to the feet, you know.

Foot Doctor is an online doctor game that you are able to heal people’s feet online. Don’t worry the game itself is not disgusting even if the foot is an ugly organ. You can play it to discover the doctor inside your soul.

Basics of Foot Doctor:

Let’s learn the basics of this doctor game called Foot Doctor.

  • Foot Doctor is a doctor game that you heal the diseases and the wounds on the feet of people.
  • To use or apply a tool you should click on the tools. After that, you need to hold on to the left click and wait to get results.
  • That’s all.

A Walkthrough on Foot Doctor:

It seems like there are people who don’t look after their feet well. Let’s heal ‘em all.

  • Disgusting! There is a very unhealthy foot on our screen. We click on the big play button to continue.
  • We select patients. Our decision is the redhead woman. Let’s see how the foot of this ginger woman is. We click on her picture to select her.
  • Obviously, three of her fingers have burnt. We apply a cold cure by bringing ice cubes firstly on this field. Don’t forget, the priority belongs to the disorders of hotness.
  • We remove the burnt areas in the fingers. Brilliant!
  • We grab tweezers to take the glass particles in the foot. After that, we collect all the two glass pieces in her feet. We are doing good!
  • We apply anti-biotic cream to the incisions on her foot. There were two of them and they are gone now!
  • After that, we take a plaster to cure the deep incision. We select a red one.
  • There is another wound in need of a cure with antibiotic cream. We apply it and it is gone again!
  • We remove warts from her feet by the tool of it.
  • This is done folks. Her foot is healthy now just like a newborn baby.


Is there any possibility to fail in Foot Doctor?

Of course, there is no such possibility. You will not the cause of a wrong healing process in this fine online doctor game. Just heal the feet of the people.

How many patients in Foot Doctor?

There are 8 patients in Foot Doctor with different kinds of disorders with their feet. At the end of the day, you will be taking care of 16 different feet.

Can I play Foot Doctor on my mobile devices?

Since the only control is done by the mouse, you can play Foot Doctor on Android and iOS. The only control for those devices is tapping on the medical gear. It is as easy as child’s play, folks.