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Ninja Run

Play NowNinja Run

What is life? A limited run on a road. To continue your life, you get over the obstacles again and again.

In that sense, Ninja Run is a game that is based on the meaning of life. Run and run to get over the obstacles created by life to make your life harder. Coins? They are little rewards that are presented to you by life.

Basics of Ninja Run:

Let’s see what is about Ninja Run. In other words, the essentials of Ninja Run can be found here.

  • Ninja Run is an endless runner game that you can try to run as you can with your ninja. In this game, you escape from a black puma. If it catches you, it devours your body.
  • You should run by avoiding obstacles. If you bump into any of them, you fail.
  • To move you should drag your mouse in the direction you want to go.
  • Sometimes you should somersault under some obstacles. To do that, you should drag the screen downwards.

A Walkthrough on Ninja Run:

In this section, we take our beloved ninja to run till eternity. Come and join us on our journey.

  • When the screen of the game comes, we click on the big blue start button to start the game.
  • Our character is the ninja which is a free character. We click on the red run button to start the game.
  • The game gives us some instructions. We pass it.
  • There is a ramp here. It is like a ladder. We go through it.
  • After the ladder, we see a log on our way. We drag our mouse backward. So, our talented ninja somersaults under it.
  • We see a magnet. We take it to collect the coins easily. There is a ladder with a few coins but we don’t climb on to it. Our magnet takes the coins up there for us.
  • We see another log that requires a somersault under it but unfortunately, we are not able to do that somersault on time.
  • The black puma comes and starts to devour our ninja. What a shame! You know, natural selection. The stronger one eats the weaker one.


Can I play Ninja Run on my mobile device?

No, you can play this online endless runner game on your desktop device. All the controls aren't compatible with mobile devices.

Can I change the appearance of my ninja?

Yes, you can change the appearance of your ninja. To change the black outfit with a cooler one you should collect coins. So, try to collect all the coins available.

What does endless runner mean?

Free online endless runner games are the games without any end. You play as you can.