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3D Pixels

Play Now3D Pixels

Throughout the history of the game industry, the games with pixels or 3d boxes were always the most loved. What about a mix of them?

3D Pixels is a great mix of both 3D boxes and pixels. In this puzzle game, you will be able to learn what is behind the pixels. Remember, each pixel is a 3d box, too. It is weird but this is a true story.

Basics of 3D Pixels:

This section is about basic facts about 3D Pixels. You can learn the game from here.

  • 3D Pixels is a great puzzle game with 3d smooth objects. You try to build different objects by using 3d boxes. First, you see the pixel visual of the object and build it from there.
  • Each pixel you use is a 3D box with a different color.
  • You can both see the 2D appearance and 3D appearance of the object at the same time.
  • You can select an object to build from the beginning menu.
  • There are several categories such as aliens, animals, flora, etc. Click on the blacked-out objects and start to build them.

A Walkthrough on 3D Pixels:

Let’s play 3D Pixels together, folks. By our walkthrough, you will be able to learn how to play 3D Pixels. Let’s go people.

It’s time to explore this legendary game.

  • As we open the game, we see a black outed collection. We will be starting with animals. The first one looks like a turtle. Let’s see is that so.
  • For the first layer, we create a square by using four pixels. These pixels are green. Obviously, these are the feet of the turtle.
  • For the next layer, we create the shell. These pixels are brown. Also, we continue to create the feet and tail of the turtle.
  • In the next layer, we make bigger the shell of the turtle. By this advance, the shell starts to seem more oval. Also, we start to create the head of the turtle.
  • We finish our turtle on the next layer. Its head, its shell is totally done. It seems like our cute turtle wears a weird coat. There is a different texture on its shell.
  • Keep going, folks. There are a lot of objects to build.


Is this puzzle game can be played on mobile devices?

Yes, you can easily play this online puzzle game with your mobile devices. This is a game for android and iOS. You can play that online puzzle game on both devices.

I made all the objects. Is there more of them?

Yes, there are more objects to create them by puzzles. You should wait for the daily prizes.

Is this game child-safe?

Yes, 3D Pixels is a totally child-safe game. By playing this 3d puzzle game, your child will be able to develop its understanding of analytical intelligence.