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If you like the survival games, then we believe that you may want to play Save Mushroom Conflict Game in your free time.

Mushroom Conflict Game game has low-quality graphics, but it can be really addictive after you play for a few stages. You are going to control a boy who has a mushroom garden in this game. Something happens and evil people steal all of your mushrooms. Your goal is to collect all of the stolen mushrooms back and take them back to your garden. However, evil people will try to stop you and you need to shoot them to make sure that you will be unable to stop you from your goal.

Play Save Mushroom Garden Game

This is why this game is the combination of survival and shooting games because you will have to shoot your opponents. If you fail to shoot and eliminate them, they are going to shoot you and cause you to lose the game. The game consists of stages and in each stage, you will have to collect a certain number of mushrooms to complete that stage. The number of the mushrooms you need to collect increases in each stage when you play Save Mushroom Garden Game.

How to Play Save Mushroom Garden?

It will take only a few minutes to get used to the controls of the game. You provide directions to your character with the help of your arrow keys. Space bar lets your character jump and you use the ALT key to shoot your opponents. The range of your orbs is limited, and this is why you need to shoot from a close distance to hit your enemies. Once you collect all of the mushrooms on the stage, you will complete that level. You will have three lives when you play Save Mushroom Garden Game. If you will run out of your lives, you will have to start from the beginning of the stage.

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