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Tank Rumble

Play NowTank Rumble

Hello war lovers. Today, we are bringing a new trend to war games for you. We would like to share with you a new game that you will play with tanks.

Here is the name of our new game, Tank Rumble. You should not forget that you can play this game with your friends if you want. If you are bored at home and want to play a fun game with your friend, this game is for you. Now we will introduce you to this super action war game closely.

We would like to share with you an instruction to play the Tank Rumble game. You will also be able to get more detailed information about the game by clicking the question mark option when you start the game.

More About The Tank Rumble

  • You need a keyboard to play the game.
  • When you start playing the game, if you are playing with your friend, there are keys that both of you have to press. Player 1 must use the keys '' w, a, s, d '' to move the tank. If the player wants to shoot, he must press the '' g '' key. The second player must use the arrow keys to move the tank. Also, the second player should press the "l" key to make his tank fire.

  • While playing the game, you should get the power and weapon options that you encounter.
  • While providing the movement of your tank, you will encounter many power and weapon options. It is possible to get them by driving your tank over these options. That way, they will be of great help to you in the game.

  • You should avoid the fire from other tanks.
  • Many tanks will fire at you while moving your tank. You should try to avoid the fire of these tanks so that the power of your tank does not run out.

  • You have to blow up the tanks and earn money.
  • If you explode the tanks you encounter and finish the game without any damage, you will start to earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Tank Ramble

You can understand and play the game much more comfortably by reading our instructions about the game. Now we would like to answer your questions.

How Do I Pass Chapters in the Game?

To pass the chapters in the game, you have to damage the tanks in front of you without taking too much damage. Thus, you start to progress in the game.

Are There Map Options in the Game?

While playing the game, you will choose two maps and a game mode will appear. It is possible to choose any of them.

Can I Stop The Game?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop the game. You can start the game again if you wish.

Can I Play the Game with My Friends?

The game is for two players. You can easily play the game with your friend as you wish.