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Helix Jump

Play NowHelix Jump

Hello folks, we will present you with the best game ever! It is fun, exciting, interesting, and based on skill and timing. Are you excited? The name of this game is Helix Jump and it is so fun to play it. It is based on directing a ball that is bouncing.

Your goal is to let it go under, but not fast! It can not touch the orange areas, if it does, it means you fail and you have to restart the game. We were not lying when we said exciting and interesting. If you did not understand completely, it is okay. Now we will explain more clearly.

More About The Helix Jump

As we said before Helix Jump is the coolest game ever. That is why we thought you may need some help while playing this magnificent game. Now, we will give you more detail.

  1. You should play Helix Jump with a controller
  2. While playing Helix Jump, you will need a mouse or trackpad. You can use the left click from your mouse or trackpad to give an order. If you are playing Helix Jump from a device with a touchable screen, just touch and hold to the screen.

  3. Let the ball fall down
  4. You should rotate the circles until you find a space the ball can fall. As the ball falls, you will be gaining points. Also do not forget to collect the diamonds!

  5. Do not rush
  6. It is also a game about timing. If you rush, your chance to touch the orange area increases. Do not rush, just find a safe place for your ball. You can do it, buddy!

  7. Orange areas are dangerous
  8. If you put your ball in the orange area, you will be lost. It would not be cool, because you have to restart the game in this case.

  9. Reach the best score
  10. Hey, can you reach the highest score? We sure you can! It will be easy for you. Just start the game, understand the game clearly and keep trying. There is not a reason not to achieve it!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Helix Jump

We talked about Helix Jump in detail. But now, answering your questions will be more proper. In this way, you can know everything about the Helix Jump!

If your question is one of them, you can find the answer as well.

What Do The Diamonds That I Collected While Playing Work?

If you collected enough numbers of diamonds, you can use them to change the color of your ball. It is super cool to do that! So collect the diamonds as much as you can!

Can I Pause The Helix Jump?

Yes, you can pause the Helix Jump and continue where you left.

Can I Play Helix Jump With A Keyboard?

Yes, if you do not want to use a controller, you can use arrow keys to rotate the platform.