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Gibbets Game

Play NowGibbets Game

    Hey buddy, do you like shooting games? Who does not, right? If you think the same way, Gibbets is the right game for you. presents a perfect game for the shooting game fanatics. There are time limitation, obstacles, limited shooting right, and more. It can look hard but do not worry, we offer you the most fun time you have ever had while gaming. If you are interested, let's talk more about the Gibbets.

    We are excited to present you with this amazing game. Before all, shall we more talk about the details? You know, more success means more fun!

    More about the Gibbets Game

    1. You have to use a controller
    2. Gibbets is a shooting game so you have to aim at the target. In this game, you will do it by using your controller. If you are playing from a computer, you will need a trackpad or a mouse. Just adjust the direction of your bow, hold down in the left click, and release it when you are ready by your mouse or trackpad. If you are playing this game from a device with a touch screen, do the same process with your finger.

    3. There are people whose lives depend on you!
    4. People who had been hanged are waiting for your help. Do not forget, they do not have enough time. They can not breathe forever. You have to release your arrow before their breath runs out.

    5. You have limited numbers of arrow
    6. You should not waste your arrow. Otherwise, you will not be having enough arrows to save everyone.

    7. Be careful about the direction of your arrow
    8. As well as there is a chance to save people by shooting the rope, there is a chance to shoot people. If you do that, their time will be decreased. Before they die, you have to be quick and save them.

    9. Obstacles are waiting to deactivate your arrows
    10. There are many obstacles on the way that had placed to slow you down. Some of them might be moving. Be careful and do not waste your arrows!

    Frequently asked questions about the Gibbets

    Before you experiment this amazing game, as, we prepared some frequently asked question that we thought they might be helpful for you.

    How many levels does the game have?

    Gibbets includes fifty levels. You can skip the next one when you finish the one before that. We believe you can complete all of them with a star. You should try now!

    Do I lose my progression if I close the game page?

    Your progression will be saved if you close the game page. You can continue where you left whenever you want.

    Can I repeat the level for a better score?

    Yes, you can repeat your levels for a better score. In this way, you get stars and a perfect score!