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Uphill Racing

Play NowUphill Racing

You love cars, right? Who doesn’t love them? When we are driving a car, we don’t care about the balance. Should we care? At the end of the day, cars are balanced objects.

If you are playing Uphill Racing you should care about it. Even if it seems annoying it is fun. Let’s see if you will be able to keep your car in the balance. If you turn it down, you lose.

Basics of Uphill Racing:

Let’s learn the basics about Uphill Racing. How do you play it and how should you play it?

  • Uphill Racing is a game that your goal is to achieve at the end of the map.
  • You move the car by “D” or the gas pedal on the right.
  • You brake by “A” or the brake pedal on the left.
  • You see your progression by the bar in the middle of brake and gas.
  • If your car turns down and can’t move, you fail.
  • The green bar on the screen is your level of fuel. If you run out of fuel you fail. You can collect the red fuel icons to fulfill it.
  • You can improve or change your car by collecting coins on the game.

A Walkthrough on Uphill Racing:

To clarify your minds about Uphill Racing, we decided to make a walkthrough for this game. Let’s go people.

  • We open the game. After we click on the green play button, we reach the level selection menu.
  • The first level is the countryside level 1. We click on it.
  • The only car we have is a jeep. We click on it to start the game.
  • An upgrade menu appears. We pass this, too.
  • First, we go downwards. When we go through the hill we forget to slow down, and we do a somersault with our jeep. And we lose, oops. Let’s try again.
  • To achieve greater gameplay, we click on the gas and suddenly release it. In that way, we go further and further. But the existence of the loose bridge is so tricky.
  • We do a somersault again. We give up but you can still carry on.


Can I play Uphill Racing on my mobile device?

Yes, you can play. Uphill Racing is a free racing game for android and a game for iOS. But you can only play by your browser. We recommend playing the game on Google Chrome.

I can’t end the track. What should I do?

In this online car game, you should keep improving your car. After a while, your car will be good enough to end the track.

How can I make my car faster?

To do that, you can change your car, or you can upgrade your engine. An upgraded engine will be making faster your car in this free online car game.