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Speed Racer

Play NowSpeed Racer

Do you miss the old-school arcade racing games? Do you find new genres too realistic online racing games too lame?

Speed Racer is a great game decision for you. You will be able to hit the road just like in the old gold arcade era.

Basics of Speed Racer:

Let’s learn the basic facts about Speed Racer. In other words, the “how-to”s of Speed Racer.

  • Speed Racer is a classic racing game with modern game logic. You can go further as long as you don’t make a car crash or run out of gas.
  • To move the car, use “W, A, S, D” or the arrows on the keyboard.
  • The orange icons give you a turbo to accelerate your car.
  • The green icons give you fuel to continue the game. If you run out of fuel, you will be failing.
  • The yellow icons give you extra points.
  • If you toss a car, you will be just slow down, not be failed.

A Walkthrough on Speed Racer:

Are you, my friends ready to be the king of the roads? Will the drivers behind us be the one who bites the dust?

  • When we open the game a pretty charming melody welcomes us. In the background, we see a busy autobahn with a smooth arcade theme.
  • To continue we click on the green race button.
  • The game gives us the instructions to play the game we pass them.
  • We start to hit the road. Oh, my goodness! This a turbo. We literally start to hang around the lines of the road.
  • We toss to a car. God! The road was awesome till this moment. All the speed we have is gone away. We should do it again.
  • We start to accelerate again. The camera angle of the game changes a bit. We see a fuel icon. This will be good to keep moving.
  • Yeah! We find a turbo again. We make this journey great by it.
  • We make a car crash again and we run out of gas. This the end of the journey.


I can’t drive my car in the bends when I play Speed Racer. How can I drive better?

When you play free Speed Racer online, you should slow down a bit to turn better in the bends. In that way, you will be able to turn the bends successfully.

Do I have to download Speed Racer to play on my computer or mobile device?

Of course not. When you are playing free Speed Racer unblocked, you don’t need to download the game on your device. This is a browser game but this game is not supported mobile.

How can I access fuel icons and turbos in Speed Racer?

When you are playing free Speed Racer online, you should stick to the middle line to turn the bends better and move freely.