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Fish Tank My Aquarium

Play NowFish Tank My Aquarium

Hello, fish lovers. Are you ready to take care of fish by playing a brand new game? We are here with Fish Tank: My Aquarium, which will surprise you with many options.

This game is really fun and amazing. Your goal in the game is to try different options by dealing with your fish. We seem to feel that you're excited. We are sure that you will be amazed by this game that will make you feel like you have fish. If you are ready, we will give you basic information about the game. Let’s start, gamers.

If you love to fish, this game will be at the top of your game list. Before starting the game, we want to give you information about the game.

More About The Fish Tank: My Aquarium

  • You should use a mouse
  • You only need a mouse to play the game. Thanks to the mouse, you can select the options you want by just right-clicking. Thanks to this feature of the game, the game will be easier for you, and you will have more fun.

  • You should choose the option
  • There will be 3 options in the aquarium. These options; decorating, feeding the fish, cleaning the fish, and finally healing the injured fish.

  • Decorating your aquarium
  • When you choose the decoration, you will see many fish species and decoration contents. You can create your decoration by choosing the ones you want.

  • Cleaning your Aquarium
  • You follow the steps shown to clean your aquarium. When you complete all the processes in sequence, your fish will return to their clean and beautiful aquarium. Thus, by completing the task, you will earn money in the game.

  • Heal your fish
  • Different types of fish will appear to cure them. You can choose any of these fishes and heal them according to their wounds. For this, you have to use the 3 improvement options that come up. As you complete these missions, you will earn coins in the game as a reward.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Fish Tank My Aquarium

We informed you about how to play the game called Fish Tank. We are confident that you can play by following these instructions.

Now we will answer the questions you want to be informed about. Maybe your question may be below. We recommend you review.

What Do The Coins That I Collected While Playing Work?

You earn coins as you take turns doing the tasks. You can compete with yourself and your friends by constantly trying to increase this money. May the one who collects the most money wins. What do you say?

Can I Pause The Game?

There is no stop button in the game as there is no time shortage. So you can quit the game whenever you want and continue whenever you want.