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Checkers Online Game

Play NowCheckers Online Game

Remember the family gatherings and the only game you had on a vacation. This is a game that not boring and just strategy-based like chess or based on pure chance like backgammon. It is pure fun, guys!

Checkers is the classic board game that you can’t get bored with if you play with your buddies. Unlike the other online browser games, you are able to play this game multiplayer. Come on, guys! Gather around your best fellas and have fun till midnight.

Basics of Checkers Game:

You are able to learn the basic facts of Checkers.

  • Checkers is one of the oldest board games that have existed in the world for a long time. It is both a strategy and chance game.
  • The board is made of 8x8=64 different squares.
  • Your pieces can only move diagonally if they are not king pieces.
  • To make one of your pieces a king piece, you should achieve the first line of the opponent.
  • King pieces can move diagonal, forward, and backward. All the directions are possible on the board.
  • You remove an opponent piece by passing over it. In the beginning, all the pieces start with gaps between them. If you leave so many gaps there, the opponent can remove multiple pieces you have.
  • Once you remove an opponent piece, you can still remove it again and again without passing your turn.

A Walkthrough on Checkers:

Let’s play this world classic game Checkers together. Remember, this is essential for literally all the gatherings.

  • As we open the game, we see a menu. We click on a single player to move.
  • We are the white team. We start first. We make a move from D3 to E4.
  • The opponent goes from H6 to G5. It’s our turn again.
  • We do the same exact move. We go to the G5 from H6.
  • The opponent makes a move from G7 to H6. It seems like it plays securely.
  • We go D3 from C2. This can be considered as an aggressive movement, unlike our opponent’s movements.
  • You know this is a classic Checkers game. It goes on like this.


Can I play Free Checkers Online with my friends?

Yes, you are able to play Free Checkers Unblocked with your friends. But remember, you can’t play Checkers online between different computers. You can only play the multiplayer mode from a single computer. We don’t have those servers.

Can I play Checkers Online Unblocked from my mobile devices?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Free Checkers from your mobile devices like iOS or Android. This game is not compatible with these operating systems.

Can I change the difficulty of the AI in Checkers Free?

No, You can’t change the difficulty level of the AI in Checkers Free online. The game does not give us this possibility.