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The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

Play NowThe Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

    Smurfs Ocean Cleanup: Collecting trash from the depths of the ocean has never been more enjoyable. This game is very fun, collect garbage and earn money. Are the little smurfs here who want to clean up the oceans polluted by Gargamel? Let's act like a hunter to clean our oceans so they don't stay polluted. This is our job, let's see who will collect the most money and garbage. Let's swing our fishing rod into the depths of the ocean on a small boat. Playing this fun game will make you very happy. If you are ready, let's start playing the game. Follow me now.

    How to Play the Smurfs Ocean Cleanup Game

    Good smurfs are here, it's our job to do good. It will be very nice for the fish to collect the garbage in the ocean. If you're ready for the game, let's get started. You can learn the game by following the steps below.

    • You can play this game by using the garbage hunter mouse.

      We need a mouse to play the game. When the game starts, a boat will hover over the ocean and swing its fishing rod into the cute ocean there. You can specify which direction you want to swing by pressing the left mouse button. Remember, our goal is to collect the garbage.

    • You have to try to collect the garbage in the game.

      Swing your fishing line at the trash and pull them up when they get stuck. You will earn points and money for the garbage you collect. If you want to catch all the garbage, you have to shake it in the right direction. The fishing rods you send in the wrong direction will come up without being caught in any trash. That's why you have to stay focused and send your fishing rod carefully.


    You can use the frequently asked questions section to understand the logic of the game. Reading this section allows you to understand the game and learn the game easily.

    What should you do to pass the levels in the game?

    Collecting all the garbage in the ocean will allow you to move on to other sections.

    What happens when we swing a fishing rod in the wrong direction?

    You must not send your fishing rod in the wrong direction. The fishing line that is not caught in the garbage will return empty. Come on, show yourself cute and manage to collect all the garbage.

    What should you do to earn money and points?

    To earn money and points in the game, you must try not to throw your fishing rod into the gaps. You will earn points and money for the litter and bags attached to your fishing line. Keep playing and you will see that you earn money.