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Shooter Rush

Play NowShooter Rush

    Your job in your workplace is done and you are free to go anywhere you want. You started to dream about your most relaxing couch. You will take a little nap and cook something. After that? Chilling out for eternity.

    After you step out of your office and start your engine, you see the thing that deserves all the hatred in the entire universe. What is that? The rush hour of course. Your life passes in front of your eyes like a film strip. Rather than live in this traffic jam, you start to think about a sudden apocalypse scenario in your mind. But it is useless. What would you like to do people cause the rush hour? Imagine. Our legendary game Shooter Rush is about that case.

    How to play Shooter Rush Game?

    Basic Game Mechanics of Shooter Rush
    • Our game Shooter Rush has a level-based structure.
    • You aim to kill all the enemies running towards you. Consider them as the cars in the rush hour. You will play the game with a passion.
    • You start from somewhere you try to achieve the final area designed like a helipad.
    • You have a machine gun to kill your enemies. You don’t need to shoot. Your character shoots for you. You only direct our cold-blooded killer girl to the end zone.
    • There is a cycle around our character. This is your guns’ range. It expands while you are running.
    • After you killed all the enemies and arrived at the finish area. You pass the level you are in.

    Shooter Rush Game Walkthrough

    You Will Show No Mercy! The Walkthrough of Shooter Rush

    • To open the game you need to click two different play buttons in different colors. In the starter menu, there is a yellow play button, a blue button with a pistol picture, and a purple button with a money counter on it you can click on it to earn free game money. There is a sound button on the left corner. You can open and close the sound. You see right of the button your level. There is the money bar on the right.
    • You click the play button and the game begins. When you click the screen your character walks and kills the enemies. The aim and shooting are done by the character you control.
    • You walk and the enemies are marching towards you. They come from your right and your left. The character is like Max Payne with limitless bullets.
    • After the kills, some enemies drop some amounts of money. Collect them. That money is used to enhance or change your weapon.
    • At the end of the game, we arrive at the final zone drawn like a helipad.

    This game gives you the feeling of a casual mobile game. But the controls are better than a mobile game. The sound effects feel relaxing ironically. When you shoot down your enemies, you blow off some steam. This is an amazing game to spend quality time in your free time while awaiting orders from your work.