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Ninja Run 2

Play NowNinja Run 2

In this retro-styled free-to-play online 2-D platformer, you play as a ninja collecting coins for glory. If you played any arcade games before you will know it right away. The goal is to collect coins while making sure you pass the platforms. As long as you do not die the game continues.

Features of Ninja Run 2

Since this is a free-to-play 2-D online game you do not need any registration to play it You can play this game just by going to the website and clicking on it. No downloads will be needed. It can be played on any device you own that has an Android/IOS/Windows operating system. You need to have an internet connection to be able to play Ninja Run 2 but this will also provide saved progress which you can delete if you want to start afresh save.

Mechanics of Ninja Run 2

Here are the mechanics of Ninja Run 2. Let’s explore together!

  1. Platforming: Like any other 2-D arcade platformer game, jumping is the main mechanic in this game too. This your most crucial tool to use while playing this game.
  2. Obstacles: To continue to play, you need to survive. In this game, obstacles stand between you and surviving. Use your jump ability to avoid them. Some of these obstacles are bombs, pits, and spikes.
  3. Side-scrolling: In Ninja Run 2 the level creation is algorithmic. As you keep playing and moving, the parkour in front of you gets created. This way you have a never-ending to play with.
  4. Coins: As you try to compare scores with friends or beat your best score, coins will be your measuring unit! The further you move into the levels the more coins you will get.

How to Play Ninja Run 2?

Using your mouse or your fingers is the way to control your character. This game tests your reflexes, as you try to use your left mouse click at the right moment. If you fail to click at the right time you will either face a bomb that will cause your death or you will just fall down either to the spikes or pits. If either of these scenarios happens you will have to start over the level.

Frequently Asked Questions Ninja Run 2

These are the most frequently asked questions about Drip Drop a free online game.

Can you replay failed levels in Ninja Run 2?

Due to moving grounds, pits, and bombs on your parkour expect to die a lot before you improve your skills. However, Ninja Run 2 is a fast-paced parkour game so dying in-game is in its nature. Every time you die you can respawn from the start to play from the beginning.

What do I use my collected coins for in Ninja Run 2?

There are no purchasable in-game items or upgrades in Ninja Run 2. So, the coins you earned through the game are just for depicting your overall score. Compare your highest score with your friends and try to beat them with even higher ones!