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Money Movers Maker

Play NowMoney Movers Maker

Think about criminal movies. They are generally based on ginger American Irish people who have a real sense of humor. Generally, crime is a team job. There is a dumb and big criminal and a little bit clever criminal.

There is a very game based on this scenario. Money Movers Maker is a game that you can play as multiplayer or play the whole game all alone. This is your choice, pal. Make sure that you are making your choice wisely.

Basics of Money Movers Maker:

So, there is a crime like moving black money around the world. Well, how can you arrange that kind of process? Let’s learn, people.

  • Money Movers Maker is a multiplayer 2D platform game that has a few puzzle mechanics.
  • Your goal in this game is to collect all the money and escape without busted.
  • There are two brothers in this game. You control the little brother by "W, A, S, D", and the elder brother by the arrows on your keyboard.
  • The elder brother can’t crouch but the little brother can crouch by "S".
  • The elder brother can take an object by the downward arrow and throw it by the space key.
  • You should collect all the three money bags in the game.
  • There are guardians in the game. You shouldn’t touch them. You can knock out them by throwing boxes on them.
  • To end the level, you should go to the door at the end of the map.

Money Movers Maker Walkthrough, Money gets away, of course, with us.

Today, we will be helping a couple of criminals. Would you like to honor us as our guests? Come on in.

  • As we enter the game, there are 2 fellows. It seems like they are brothers one of them the eldest one. They are probably Irish because of the appearance of ginger heads. Anyway, there are three buttons on this screen. They are "credits", "Play a game", and "create a new level".
  • We click on play game to enjoy this game. The level structure of the game is unobvious. You find yourself in a randomly designed level. Our level is called "Custom level: sophisticated"
  • There are three bags of money to move to this level. Also, there are four guardians who patrol around the bottom like the four horsemen of hell.
  • We decide to start with the little one. Because there is no aperture to enter for the big brother.
  • We collect two bags of money with little brother and open the gate below the big brother. While big brother goes down, we collect the third package, too. By the way, we take care of the guardians by rolling boxes over their heads. What happens? Kaboom! Their minds are literally blown off! Cool, huh?
  • After that, the little brother and big brother go into the gate and escapes with all the money they collected. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.