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Coloruid 2

Play NowColoruid 2

Colors... They make the world a bearable place. Consider nature, can you imagine a jungle without green? Can you draw the flames without red or orange? Rather than art, colors are actually good for the puzzles, too. Sometimes you imagine in your dreams by saying this: "I wish there was a puzzle game based on colors."

Hang on! This is the game, folks. Coloruid 2 is a game based on a cute color palette with pixels. You know the general proverb; all colors are beautiful. So, what would you do to play this scrumptious game? Let us explain a little. You should have a regular computer with an internet connection. Check. You want to blow off some steam. Check. Who doesn’t want this?

Basics of Coloruid 2:

Let’s be the subject of a dance of the colors on your screen. How? You will be learning the steps below this text.

  • Coloruid 2 is a puzzle game based on color changes. To pass the levels, you should be turning every different color on the screen to one.
  • To enable this transition in the colors, you will be able to select the colors on the palette offered to you by the game.
  • The time is a challenge, you should outrun the time when you play the game.
  • The most logical move is to decide the colors based on commonality. If a color is dominating the screen, you should first change it.
  • To change a color, click a color below the map, then click on the pixels on the game.

Coloruid 2 Walkthrough

Oh my god! Colors are dancing! Where? Let’s show.

Coloruid 2's graphics are so cute that, you can watch the animations of a few pixels forever. Let’s see together why is this game so good?

  • When we dare to open the game, a green pixel loading screen welcomes us. This seems so cute. There is a lot of "+" s on the screen. It looks like the game tells us to be positive. LOL! The color scale of the game is pretty impressive and warm.
  • There are two buttons on this menu. To open or close the sound we can click on the sound icon on the right top corner. To play the game we should click on the play button. So, we click on it.
  • We see a level selection menu. We click on the first level which is pointed out by green color.
  • There are two colors on the first level. They are purple and yellow. We should select a color to make the whole map in this color. In this case, purple seems logical. So, we select purple. After the selection, we click on the areas where it is not purple. In this level, obviously, the yellow zones are not purple. We turn these areas into purple with our clicks.