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Slice Of Zen

Play NowSlice Of Zen

    There is no more relaxing thing than cutting the objects. You cut into slices and the slices fall apart. Remember the dummies in the ninja movies. Probably the whole Zen thing derives from here.

    Slice of Zen is the game that you will be able to cut the objects into several pieces. After that, you will be watching how they fall. Imagine you carry your mouse as a Katana and you cutting something with it. This is just... AMAZING.

    Basics of Slice of Zen:

    In this section, we are explaining you to how to play Slice of Zen. Also, we will be giving you some advises and tips about the game. Let’s go!

    • Slice of Zen is the game that you cut the objects into slices and try to get to the goal determined by the game.
    • Each object has a weight and falls in accordance with this weight. So, you should take into consideration the geometry of the objects.
    • Each round you have 3 moves to cut the object into pieces.
    • Each round there are different goals set by the game. You should make fall the determined amount of the object to pass the level.
    • To cut down the object move your cursor to decide the place you start. To start click on the left click and hold it till you end your cutting process.
    • If you end all the moves you have or can’t achieve the arranged goal by the game, you fail. To pass the level you should try again.

    Slice Of Zen Walkthrough

    Grab your imaginary Katanas. We will cut. A Walkthrough.

    Here we play Slice of Zen together. By reading this section, you will be able to see how the game goes on. Enjoy your journey with us.

    • When we open the game via our web browser, we see a button that tells us “tap to start”. We click on it to access the game.
    • We achieve the game menu. There is a blue sky with cute degraded effects. It is like midnight in the summer with a lot of stars in the sky.
    • The only button on the screen is a white hexagon with a white triangle. This is a start button. We click on the get started.
    • The game shows us a level selection menu. We click on the first level.
    • There is a door. We have 3 moves to cut into slices to it. First, we cut it crosswise. This makes 65%. The goal is 80%. We cut the door crosswise again that makes ?. Good job!
    • We go to the next level. There is a circular clock. This time the goal is to make 100%.
    • We cut the clock into half vertically. All the parts fall apart. The level is clear, too.
    • This is a pretty relaxing game.