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Color Snake Online Free Game

Play NowColor Snake Online Free Game

Are you ready to get this snake to the endpoint? presents you with a game that you cannot get enough of it. This game can sometimes be frustrating but it is always fun. You will be addicted anyway. Hit the shapes with the same color as the snake and reach the endpoint. It won’t be easy but you are going to love it. Be patient, ready your fingers, and have fun!

Crawl into the Color Snake Together

If you are excited enough to start, you may read the following. Then, whenever you are ready we can start.

  1. First of all, after you click the “Play Now” button you will see a loading bar on the top of the page. While the bar is loading there will be little sneak peeks about the game such as the pathways, the shapes, etc. As the loading bar is completed 100%, the game is ready to be played.
  2. You can move the snake in two ways. Either using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys. Try and choose which one is suitable for you. As you are directing the snake be aware of the color of the snake. You can only hit the shapes if they are in the same color like the snake.
  3. You can see lines in different colors with triangles on their edges. As you are passing by with the snake through them, the snake will change its color for each line unless it is in the same color. Snake is changing color continuously; you should be careful. If you hit the wrong colored shape the game will start over.
  4. As you are directing the snake you can also collect the stars as you pass by. These stars are important because if you hit the wrong color, you can continue where you stopped by using the stars. You should collect a minimum of 20 stars to earn that right.
  5. You may also run across the fire as you passing by. Try to collect them as well. If you collect the fire, you will be able to hit any color you want regardless of the color of the snake. Be careful, it does not last long.

Frequently Asked Question about Color Snake

Here are faqs answered for you to play the game with having peace of mind. Let’s review them!

Is this game just for the children?

Of course, it is not! Adults also can enjoy the game without hesitation.

Can I transfer my stars when I start over?

Yes, you can! You don’t have to collect them over again.

Can I race in this game with my friends?

No, you cannot. Color Snake can be played as a single player.