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Ludo Legend

Play NowLudo Legend

    Some people consider backgammon as a lame game. Maybe they are right on some points. But behold! We have interesting news for you. Ludo Legend is a new trend in the backgammon with good graphics. Maybe you should give it a shot, huh? If you can tell your Uncle Sam, this will be a revolution.

    Basics of Ludo Legend:

    Even if you know backgammon or not there are some differences between the two games. So, read the list below this text to learn Ludo Legend.

    • Ludo Legend is a pretty new but easy board game. The main logic behind is close to backgammon. So, if you know backgammon you can play Ludo Legend easily.
    • The goal is the make your pawn to finish a lap around the board.
    • Each player rolls the dice once in around. If the number on the dice is 6 the player rolls again.
    • At the beginning of the game, all the players roll dice. If your dice is 6 you can put out of your pawn.
    • You move your pawn in accordance with the number of the dice.
    • If any pawn in the game overlaps with each other the pawn that comes later makes return the recent pawn to the beginning point. If there are two or more pawns in the same spot with the same colors, the latecomer doesn’t do anything and stays there.

    Ludo Legend Walkthrough

    A fresh breath in with Ludo Legend.

    Throughout this page, we have been explaining how you play this game. Let’s play it together. It is obviously better than the text.

    • We start the game by using our legendary internet browser Google Chrome. The game tells us that we can change players with humans or computers. We say ok. According to the game, we can change the names, too.
    • There are four text areas to enter the names of the players in the game. There are three buttons on the bottom, the first blue one is the edit the game settings. The second green one is to start the game, the third one is to get the instructions for the game.
    • We name the players like the following. “Alexis de Tocqueville, Jeremy Bentham, Ludwig von Mises, and John Locke. Who are they? Well, they are pretty cool people from history. Our character is Ludwig von Mises.
    • We click on the start button to play the game.
    • Our place is the bottom left corner.
    • In the first round, every player rolls dice. This is to determine the game order.
    • We go at 4. The highest is Alexis de Tocqueville. This player starts.
    • Then we roll the dice again. It is 4 and 6. Our pawn goes 3 steps ahead. After that, we roll again. It is 2. Our pawn goes 2 steps towards the left.
    • In the next round we roll the dice, the score is 2 again. Our pawn goes 2 steps towards the left.
    • The game goes on.