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GTA: Save My City

Play NowGTA: Save My City

GTA: Save My City offers a realistic experience for you to be a real hero! Get into your police car and put the siren on! You will put fear criminal gangster's hearts in the city. While they looking for a place to hide, you will be able to trace them with your cool cop car. It is time to save the crime city! Complete the police missions, chase the criminals, and keep your city safe and free from crime. Now, you can be a part of city life. Fight against crime, protect the city, be the hero! The fancy police uniform and cars are also the good parts of the GTA: Save My City!

More About the Game: How Can You Play it?

Let’s take a loot at the bravest game of the city!

  1. You can play the game on computers and laptops.
  2. The game unfortunately cannot be supported on the touch screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets. But, you always welcome to play it on computers! You can use the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys on the keyboard for movement. The "C" letter on the keyboard allows you to lean. The space also allows you to jump. While "G" on the keyboard provide you to get in the police car, the "O" letter provides you to get off of the car.

  3. Cursor on the screen issue:
  4. By using "L" on the keyboard, you can hide your cursor while you are playing.

  5. The map:
  6. You can see the red arrow on the map at which top of the screen on the right. The arrow tells you where you should go. However, you can use the map to look around. The plus and minus signs on the map provide you with zooming. If you want to change the direction of the map, you should click the lock button on the map's right. Also, If you need to see the whole map, you can click the world sign button found below the map.

  7. Missions of the game
  8. The game consists of 10 different parts. If you want to get to another level, you have to complete the missions. When you start playing, a police officer will appear on the screen and tell you the mission.

  9. Roam around the city
  10. You will be able to roam around the city. However, when the times up you are counted as failed on the mission. So, it will be better to complete the mission instead of discovering the city. Remember, you are charged to protect the city and catch the bad guys!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Game

We have listed the frequently asked question to offer you a better game service! Let's take a look at them before chasing the bad guys!

Is the game free?

Absolutely yes! Do not think about that. You should only worry about the crime city and the gangsters!

Is the game being saved?

Yes. You can save the game for another time.

Can I stop the game?

Yes. Do not worry about timing, you can pause the game.